Detecting bugs and defects at an early stage of your project helps avoid rework and reduces costs

Quality Assurance & User Testing

We will detect the errors and issues that have been included in the development process of your software and help increase efficiency.

Why so Important

Main goal of QA is finding  mistakes as soon as possible because depending on the product phase bug costs can lead your company to lose a huge amount of money and make your customers dissatisfied. QA helps a company to create products and services that meet the needs, expectations and requirements of customers.

Build high-quality products that build trust and loyalty with your customers. The standards and procedures defined by a quality assurance program help prevent product defects before they arise.

Main Benefits

Saves You Money

How much money does a faulty software project cost you? It costs you users and clients. And it is well known that the longer a bug goes undetected in your software, the more difficult and expensive it is to fix it. By employing QA testing throughout the development process of the software, you will save time and money after deploy

Inspires Client Confidence

By making QA software testing a clear priority for software development, you are sending a message to your clients that you want their software to be as successful as possible. This is incredibly important when you’re in the business of delivering quality and forging long-term relationships.

Boosts Customer Satisfaction

By offering quality software that works when and how you want it to work, you will be boosting your reputation by producing happy customers. Don’t tax your customer’s patience with defective software that you have to constantly fix. Give them quality from the beginning and they’ll reward you with loyalty.

Prevents Catastrophic Emergencies

With corporate software, the stakes are even higher. Bugs can lead to system blackouts, missing data, and communication breakdowns. If you are going to be employing software throughout a company or to handle sensitive information, then you had better be sure that the software is going to work exactly how it needs to work. There is no margin for error.

Maintains Great User Experience

If software is glitching or slow, then it impedes the experience of the user with the product. Bad user experience results in dissatisfaction and frustration. Good user experience, what you get when you have meticulously tested a software product, results in a satisfied user- one who is much more likely to recommend the product and your business to others.

Brings In More Profit

If you are creating software that you will market or sell, then investing in QA will mean that you can sell your product at a higher rate. There is nothing worse than an angry user who paid for a product that doesn’t even work.

Our Testing Services

Automation testing

Our QA testing engineers have a vast experience working with frameworks like Behat, Selenium, Appium (test automation framework for mobile apps), for testing automation and with continuous integration services like Jenkins, CircleCI

Manual testing

manual testing is an inevitable procedure and an extremely important aspect of any functional testing. Manual testing checks and confirms the usability of your software/apps/devices and how well-performing they are for your users

Regression testing

After a patch or bug fixes during normal software development, a system should be Regression Tested using manual or automated regression testing to ensure that the applied changes didn’t adversely affect other parts of the system.

mobile testing

We seek to achieve full compatibility across multiple devices and platforms through various tests, including connectivity tests, design, interface, automation and acceptance. This allows us to consistently provide information the right way.

performance testing

With the help of tools like jMeter and SoapUI, we usually perform stress and load testing on the server side before any major release therefore we can guarantee your application will behave as expected when your user base grows.

functional testing

Depending on the current status of your project we can start either with Exploratory Testing or by getting involved in the requirements and/or user stories definition.


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