We ensure our designs are technically feasible within the constraints of the project.


We design applications following the latest trends and best practices in design and usability to achieve greater user satisfaction, focusing on business goals.

What our team can do for your project

Wireframes Development

Prototype your idea! Our UX team will make your idea come to life using a combination of creativity and a process-driven approach. You’ll see an incremental progress of your product in each iteration.

Web (responsive), Mobile Apps Development and Design

Following the latest trends and patterns like Parallax, single page websites, infinite scrolling, card layouts, material design, rich animations and minimalism.

Discovery process

Great user experiences emerge from having a deep understanding of your business model, and how your customers view and engage with your company

Analysis of Competitors

UX/UI benchmarks for the website and mobile application.

Architecture Design Information

Organizing and structuring the information and content, in an effective way

Best Practices

The expertise lever to evaluate and choose the best usability practices, patterns and standards for resolving the problem based on our competitor’s analysis.

Our UX / UI Process


User-centered design starts by setting clear objectives and goals. At the research stage, we help you discover knowledge gaps and align your assumptions with real user expectations, as well as define a strategy to support the user´s needs and your business goals. Our analytical and research-oriented approach delivers strategic insights into your customer´s reactions and interactions with your application.

User Testing

Based on the goals established at the beginning of the UX process, we help you to determine the right KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your project. BIT conducts user-testing sessions and performs detailed analysis to transform data into actionable design improvements.

Front End Code Development

The frontend is the first thing a user will see and interact with. We make sure your app looks and feels right and that it has been properly tested on the platforms of your choice. Using the latest technologies, we work to ensure that the design is translated into a functioning code at the pixel level.

Information Architecture & Wireframes

Ensuring that the visual structure and presentation of information on an app is intuitive and connects with existing user mental models and expectations is a fundamental goal of the UX design. We make sure that the right information is presented in the right way, in the right place, and at the right time. Wireframing is the best way to visualize data structures and represent UI features.

Look & Feel Design (UI)

The visual appeal of your product has a vital impact on users. We employ a user-centered design to produce a cohesive, predictable, and desirable effect on the target audience. This effect is accomplished by eliciting an emotional response from the user connected to their actions and accomplishments. We also make sure your product is part of your brand’s identity and is presented with the integrity it deserves.

Integration Support

Our designs and code come with a 60-day warranty period so that you have enough time to detect any issues and give us your feedback. We provide technical support and assistance during backend integration to make sure you are worry-free.


Always is a pleassure to help people to realize their ideas