Our Strengths

Working in your time zone, our Nearshoring teams are 65% more efficient than traditional offshoring teams. Communication is instant and smooth— ensuring that you cut costs, not quality.

Convenient Timezone

Many US companies don’t prefer countries located in Asia because of the huge time gap of 10-12 hours, as the response time and therefore development process would be slow, and there might be a major delay in project delivery due to that. Bolivia’s official world time zone is GMT-4, exactly the same as New York and Miami, and only three hours ahead of Los Angeles (GMT-7), providing the perfect scenario for international, real-time collaboration.

This basically ensures that there is no wastage of time and hence of resources and effort, important queries and/or issues can be resolved swiftly, and the project will be finished in time.

Onshore vs Offshore vs Nearshore

Onshore Outsourcing

A company from the US selects developers from US


Convenient, but pricey

Offshore Outsourcing

A company from Sweeden recruits developers from Vietnam


Affordable, yet difficult to manage

Nearshore Outsourcing

A German company selects a team from Poland


A win-win alternative

Travel and Flight

There are direct flights from the US to Bolivia that will get you to your outsourcing software developers in just 7 hours. The closeness will also make overall team management easier, due to availability to visit the office in person more frequent.

If you think that outsourcing to India or China will be a cheaper option, you should take into consideration the resources you’re going to spend to get there when needed – once or twice a month, trips without overnight stays at offshore locations are not possible. Also, when offshoring your employees would have to wake up early or stay late at night for the usual conference call. It can lead to frustration or even burnout to some of your employees. That means the nearshore option, Bolivia will save you time and money.

More Benefits

The Right Time

We offer a readily available and capable pool of software development talent. Launch your team rapidly – within 2-5 business days. Build your Nearshore team in 6 easy steps

Culture Match

Along with the general cultural affinity that Bolivia has with the US, companies within the country’s take massive inspiration from both the technological and entrepreneurial aspects of the US tech companies.

The Right Cost

The most cost effective country on the region In Bolivia we provide great service and talent for the best rates in the region. From 25% to 50% below any other country in America: Colombia, Argentina, Brasil, México, etc

US Labor Calendar

We handle the same US labor calendar. With this, the projects will not suffer delays due to local holidays, we work when you are working

Our Culture

At BIT Consulting, we recognize that our employees invest a lot of time and effort in the work that they do for us. We aim to make sure that we cultivate an environment that shows our appreciation for the dedication our staff show to our company. We believe that workers who feel appreciated and supported in the workplace are encouraged to reach their full potential.

American Environment

We eat, breathe and work with American culture. All employees speak English, we celebrate 4th of July and love Thanksgiving. We listen to American music, watch American films and often travel to the states for work. When you work with us, you’ll feel right at home.

Office Awesomeness

We brew fair trade coffee and stock craft beer, we play ping pong and hold mojito contests, and like many of our clients, we breathe technology. Although we work with outside organizations, we never lose sight of our own values, as both individuals and as a company. 

Continuous Feedback

Communication is essential to running a business, we welcome input from our employees, and we create a culture of continuous feedback. We hold frequent small meetings that are both formal and informal and have regularly scheduled meetings where we discuss company-wide issues.


Always is a pleassure to help people to realize their ideas