Our Skills

Bolivia is a hotspot for IT outsourcing. In fact, their software development industry is booming. Besides huge growth, Bolivia also has some great features as an outsourcing destination. First, they have excellent universities and one of the highest number of engineering graduates in Latin America. They also boast of innovative government IT programs.

Skilled Professionals

More than 9 out of 10 software developers in Bolivia have at least five years of educational background in systems engineering, as opposed to what we see in other countries where developers are admitted with only a standard programming course for specific coding languages. A developer in Bolivia is highly likely to have strong knowledge and capabilities in systems optimization, infrastructure pipelines, or database design and analysis, to create new scalable and maintainable apps following best practices.

English Proficiency

In 2019, Bolivia rose from 12th place to 9th place on the EF EPI rankings for English proficiency in Latin America, achieving a score well ahead of Mexico (16th) and Colombia (17th), two of the most dominant players in the nearshore software development market. Not bad for one of the smallest populations in the region.

In terms of accent and pronunciation, Bolivia’s English speakers stand out in Latin America for their ability to handle the language with great skill. This proficiency is even higher in the area of outsourced IT services, as English has long been the “official” language for software development and computer science.

Professional Development

From its inception, BIT Consulting has been about continuous learning. We continue to offer training in new technology, mentorships, and coding schools to community members. One of our favorite educational approaches is Peer Programming, in which we pair senior developers with juniors devs for shared work sessions. The younger employees learn tangible skills, and the older devs learn leadership skills. Most importantly, people in the company get to know more about one another.

Top Notch Talent

We are strongly connected with the ten top Universities in the region and BIT Cosulting is a top choice for new candidates looking enrich their careers. We have rigorous and advanced HR and hiring practices, offer some of the most attractive employment conditions, and proudly exhibit some of the highest retention rates, helping us maintain our status as the best Agile Development, Design and QA team in the region.

Bench Concept

We maintain a certain number of developers not assigned to a particular project so they can assist at a moment’s notice. Whether there are unexpected deadlines, sudden changes in requirements, absences in the existing team or simply a need to increase the team size, one or some of our bench team members will be ready to help without delays or learning curves.

Fluent Communication

Keeping you in the loop is our priority. We give you daily reports on our progress and you can always track the amount of time we spend on tasks through simple project management tools. We believe that great communications and full transparency are key to successful cooperation with the client. 

Our Recruitment Process


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