Operating in a similar time zone allows us to share work hours with our clients as a single team and be more productive


Our work is driven by Continuous Delivery, so the Scrum is a natural choice. But we know the final decision for project methodology rests with the client and the team.


Quality Assurance methods and procedures guarantees that all product building forms, techniques, functions exercises and work things are checked and agree against the characterized models.


Boost your product development team with BIT’s extension team of experts, you will manage the work that the team is doing, but you don’t have to care about the hiring costs, paperwork, social benefits, training or even equipment.


The BIT team is aligned with your team, available to talk throughout the entire day via phone, IM, or video conference


You are the owner of the source code you pay for, and a detailed agreement protects your intellectual property on each stage of software development project

Successful Projects
Years of experience
Development Team​

Together We Will Find Your Next Rockstar Engineer

Needs Assessments

We work closely with you to understand your business priorities, resource needs, and skills requirements. After taking into consideration your timeline and budget we'll recommend the most efficient and practical approach that meet your needs so we can build a strong team for you.

Screening Interviews

We have experience selecting the professionals that will best suit the needs of our clients’ projects. When the required professionals are not available within our team, we have an area specialized in talent selection, which will find the right candidate that can be incorporated quickly.

Hire & Onboard

Once the professional or team is selected, we will bring them on-board, providing all of the necessary training and equipment to ensure their full integration into your environment. A quick process is carried out, adapting to the procedures and tasks of your company.

Monitor & Improve

We constantly carry out follow-up tasks to verify that the candidate or team is performing efficiently.​ We share our expertise on best practices, tools, processes, and team collaboration mechanisms, providing regular feedback on team members’ onboarding and training progress.


Always is a pleassure to help people to realize their ideas