Hiring Professionals for Affordable Price

In Bolivia we provide great service and talent for the best rates in the region. From 25% to 50% below any other country in America.


In general, the salaries and the costs of living in Bolivia are way lower than the typical US expenses. The regular entry wages in Bolivia are about 70% lower than in the US. In IT terms, it means that in Bolivia, you’ll get three mobile apps that a project requires for the price of one in the US. Not to mention that the effectiveness and quality when it comes to the overall user experience will be flawless.

Paying your IT experts in Bolivia lower than you would an American expert doesn’t mean that you’ll get less quality. It’s merely the difference in the standard of the countries that makes the price of Bolivia IT professionals lower. Nevertheless, you aren’t only saving on the team members, but also on the phone call costs, travel costs, rent and inventory costs, etc.

COSTS: Rates of Software Developers In Latin America?

Cost-saving isn’t the only reason why businesses outsource, but it certainly is a huge deciding factor. Taken from Accelerance, the data in the table below compares software development rates in Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, the US an BOLIVIA.

Title of Full Time Employee (FTE) Latin America Eastern Europe Asia United States BOLIVIA
Junior Software Developer $35–44 $25–42 $18–24 $105–111 $15–24
Middle Software Developer $30–52 $35–56 $24–35 $132–140 $15–32
Senior Software Developer $45–55 $45–70 $30–42 $154–163 $25–35
Tech lead $50–61 $45–70 $30–42 $176–187 $30–41
Architect $60–72 $50–77 $35–48 $198–292 $40–52
Junior QA $30–39 $25–42 $15–24 $77–81 $10–19
Middle QA $35–44 $30–49 $20–30 $99–105 $15–24
Senior QA $40–50 $40–63 $25–36 $143–169 $20–30
Graphic Designer $40–50 $35–56 $25–36 $79–163 $20–30
Project Manager $55–66 $45–70 $35–48 $133–233 $35–46
Business analyst $45–55 $40–63 $30–42 $110–205 $25–35

Our Pricing Models

Time & Material

Allows you to monitor the project development hours, and pay only for the number of hours we put into your project or the amount of work that has been accomplished.

Fixed Price

Enables you to know and settle upon the exact cost and time estimates for your project, in advance. The project cost remains the same as long as the client requirements do.

Fixed Monthly

Leverage a dedicated resource for realizing your business requirements,  A great option to consider, when your business requirements are dynamic in nature.


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